LIVE AT FEINSTEIN'S by Julie Reyburn (256K MP3)


LIVE AT FEINSTEIN'S by Julie Reyburn (256K MP3)


"With the smashing show she performed at Feinstein's At The Regency in the summer of 2009, and now with this live recording of that wonderful evening by American Songbook Records, Julie Reyburn has established herself as one of the finest artists on the current cabaret scene. Of course, her talent did not spring forth fully formed that night. (Though she is sensational, she's not an overnight sensation.) She first came to the attention of the cabaret world a decade ago, when she made her New York cabaret debut. Most could tell then that hers was a rare talent. So young and yet so poised, so gracious, so warm, so intelligent, such a beautiful voice and most important, such an insightful interpreter. For that remarkable early performance, she received not only glowing notices, but also the prestigious MAC and Bistro Awards. She's done many shows over the ensuing years, exploring various formats and musical styles, while sharpening her talent and growing artistically. Accompanying her on this journey has been her longtime musical director, the gifted Mark Janas. For this Feinstein's show, they combined their talents once again, this time adding director Peter Napolitano to the creative team. The result presents Julie's artistry in full bloom. It also boasts an impeccably chosen selection of songs, masterful Mark Janas arrangements, and exemplary musical accompaniment. There are performers who are extremely talented; we enjoy them and we applaud them. Then there are those who transcend that, whose effect on an audience is greater than the sum of their skills and talents. We can't identify all of the factors that distinguish the two classes, nor can we quantify the differences. Nonetheless, we can tell when we're in the presence of artists in the second category and we call them stars. Julie Reyburn now belongs among that rarefied rank."

~Roy Sander,

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Do I Hear A Waltz?
I Love To Sing
Sing Happy
Julie Speaks With The Audience    
Let Yourself Go
Days of Wine and Roses/I Remember
Straighten Up And Fly Right
Taking A Chance On Love
Introduction to Come Home
Come Home
In These Shoes
Speak Of The Devil
Julie Thanks Everyone!
The Summer Knows/Summer Me, Winter Me/You Must Believe In Spring
Sing Sing Sing