This jazz recording includes 13 cuts (18 songs). This release contains some great music that was written over a span of 60 years, from as early as 1932 to as recently as 1993.

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz" was nominated for a 1999 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARAS) in two categories, BEST JAZZ ALBUM, and BEST JAZZ SONG, for Gene Puerling's arrangement of “Unforgettable”.

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When Todd Wilson asked me to listen to “Jazz, Jazz, Jazz” I was very honored. After hearing the CD, I must say it is a great effort by a group of great singers. These guys are also part of the International Championship chorus, the Vocal Majority and International Quartet Champions of the SPEBSQSA. This CD shows the versatility of ACOUSTIX and should be a part of any vocal group collection. On behalf of the Four Freshmen, I thank them for including these Freshmen tunes on “Jazz, Jazz, Jazz.
— Bob Flanigan, The Four Freshmen
My deep appreciation for your smashingly beautiful performance of “Unforgettable.” Adding Jim Clancy and son Greg to frame the already great ACOUSTIX sound was marvelous. It was a pleasure to arrange this lovely song for you and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
— Gene Puerling, The Singers Unlimited & The Hi-Los


A Shine On Your Shoes* / Steppin’ Out With My Baby Medley
Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz - Harms, Inc./ Arthur Schwartz Music, Ltd. (1932) / Irving Berlin - Williamson Music Co. (1947) ASCAP
Arrangement: Greg Volk
Notes: *From the film "Flying Colors"

Answer Me My Love
Carl Sigman, Gerhard Winkler, Fred Rauch - Bourne Co. (1953) ASCAP
Arrangement: Greg Volk

Straighten Up And Fly Right
Nat King Cole, Irving Mills – EMI Mills Music Inc. (1944) ASCAP
Arrangement: Greg Volk

Irving Gordon - Bourne Co. (1951) ASCAP
Additional vocals by: Jim Clancy and Greg Clancy
Arrangement: Gene Puerling
Recorded at: Jam Creative Productions - Dallas, TX
Engineered and mixed by: Jonathan Wolfert

Route 66
Bobby Troup - Londontown Music, Inc. (1946) ASCAP
Tenor Saxophone solo by: Jeff Coffin
Vocal arrangement: Dick Reynolds
Instrumental arrangement: Ron Foster

Day By Day
Axel Stordahl, Paul Weston, Sammy Cahn - Famous Music Corporation / Hanover Music Corporation (1945) ASCAP
Trombone solo by: John Osborne
Vocal arrangement: Dick Reynolds
Instrumental arrangement: Mike Crotty

Nat Simon, Buddy Denis - Anne-Rachel Music Corporation / The Songwriters Guild (1936) ASCAP
Vocal arrangement: The Four Freshmen
Instrumental arrangement: Mike Crotty
Graduation Day / It’s A Blue World* Medley
Joe Sherman, Noel Sherman - The Songwriters Guild (1956) / Robert Craig Wright, George "Chet" Forrest - Bourne Co. (1939) ASCAP
Vocal arrangement on "Graduation Day": Dick Reynolds
Vocal arrangement on "It’s A Blue World": The Four Freshmen
Instrumental arrangement both songs: Mike Crotty
Notes: *From the film "Music In My Heart"

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
Steve Lehman, Thomas K. Hunter – Flamingo Soup Music Publishing (1993)
Instrumental accompaniment: The Steve Lehmann Big Band
Saxophone solo by: Bruce Johnstone
Vocal arrangement: Greg Volk / Instrumental arrangement: Steve Lehmann

All The Way
Jimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn - Maraville Music Corp.(1957) ASCAP
Arrangement: Pete Rupay
Notes: From the film "The Joker Is Wild"

The Nearness of You
Hoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington - Famous Music Corporation (1937) ASCAP
Vocals by: Wendy Wilson DeCrow, Todd Wilson, Jason January & Joel T. Rutherford
Arrangement: Frank Bloebaum
Recorded at: Paradise Sound - Wylie, TX
Engineered by: Joe Hargrave

Orange Colored Sky
Milton Delugg, Willie Stein - Amy Dee Music Corp. (1950) ASCAP
Arrangement: Greg Volk


The Simon & Garfunkel Montage
Scarborough Fair*(1966), The Sound Of Silence (1965), Mrs. Robinson (1968), 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) (1966), Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970) *Arthur Garfunkel and Paul Simon, all other songs by Paul Simon – Paul Simon Publishing (BMI) / Arrangement: Greg Volk - Notes: Mrs. Robinson – 1968 Grammy Awards include Record of the Year, Best Contemporary Pop Performance Vocal Duo Or Group / Scarborough Fair, Mrs. Robinson, The Sound Of Silence from the soundtrack of "The Graduate" – Grammy Award for Best Original Score For A Motion Picture Or A TV Special / Bridge Over Troubled Water - 1971 Grammy Awards include Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Contemporary Song, Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists and Best Engineered Record, Album Of The Year