STRIKE 3! by The Alley Cats (FLAC)

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STRIKE 3! by The Alley Cats (FLAC)


Opening "At The Hop", The Alley Cats "Wonder Why" as they sing the wondrous 50's songs with such style and class. "Silhouettes", "Get A Job" and "Earth Angel" live again in this 16 song marathon of hits. STRIKE 3 has the songs that we all love to hear in a cappella, from "Twilight Time" to "Rockin' Robin" and all the way around "Blue Moon".

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At The Hop/Jump, Jive and Wail
I Wonder Why
Stand By Me
Little Bitty Pretty One
Only You
So Much In Love
Get A Job
Earth Angel
Remember Then
Twilight Time
You Belong To Me
Blue Moon
Rockin' Robin
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
I Really Love You